Friendship Group

A great way to get acquainted with other women in WDA is to attend our Friendship group which usually meets at 11 am the third Tuesday of each month year round in Channing Hall.  Please check with the Chair for specific dates and locations.

About half of the women have been members long enough to remember the time when it was known as the “Sewing Circle.”  The other half have found WDA and Friendship in the past decade, some as recently as a month or two ago.  Everyone is welcome!

Our sole purpose is to get to know each other better, build new friendships, and maintain old friendships.  We do not have a planned program – we prefer informality and spontaneity.  The hostesses choose a topic to start the conversation.   It is amazing how quickly we get to know each other — even if each person only says a few words.  Everyone gets a turn and we always have a few laughs.

We continue our conversations over lunch at noon.  Each of us brings her own sandwich.  The hostesses provide salad, dessert and beverages.

For more information or to be added to the Friendship Group email and/or phone list, please contact one of our current Co-Chairs, Kathleen Campbell at or Kathy Calhoun at

We remind those on the list a few days before each meeting and we like to give the hostesses an estimate of the number to expect.

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