Movie Matinee


This *monthly social event for WDA (and WEA!) members, as well as any church member, friend or guest, meets usually on the 4th Tuesday afternoon.  (Occasional date changes and *we’ve begun taking off in June and July, but if you’re on the mailing list you’ll find out about these well in advance.)   

Typically the movie will be at The Angelika (Mockingbird Station) or The Magnolia (Uptown- Lemmon at McKinney), but occasionally at another local theatre.

This is a very informal group – the inaugural event was in November 2009 and we are still growing and evolving – your only risk is the cost of the movie!  There are no dues and our only rule is QUIET once the lights go down.

No need to RSVP, but it’s helpful if you’re new to the group, so we can watch for and welcome you.

We purchase our own tickets and meet near the entrance to the specific auditorium to chat a few minutes before show time – sit together or wherever you prefer.  We sometimes stay for a bit to discuss the movie (over Pacuigo gelato if we’re at The Magnolia!), but sometimes not, especially if rush hour is at hand and everyone wants to beat the traffic.  This is a relaxed and fun group for those who simply enjoy movies and for the more serious who are inclined to “prepare” for the Oscars!

For more information and to be added to the e-mail list, contact Sara Miskimins at or 972-271-6077.  We email the details midweek prior to the movie date.

See you at the movies!