Crafty Bake Sale

DSCN8050Co-chairs Gwen Lummus and Stephanie Janulis organized a very successful 2014 Crafty Bake Sale!

2015 Crafty Bake Sale:  November 22

The Crafty Bake Sale is the annual fall fundraiser for the Women’s Day and Evening Alliances. 

Members bring delicious baked goods and handcrafted treasures and sell them in Channing Hall the Sunday morning before Thanksgiving every year, to help fund the Alliances’ contributions to our church and charitable organizations.

Martha Withers (WDA) and Jamie Bernstein (WEA) are this year’s co-chairs, and did a wonderful job!  Many thanks to all who helped, and all who shopped.

Looking back…

The November 2014 sale was a record-breaking success!  Special thanks to co-chairs Gwen Lummus and Stephanie Janulis…to Alliance volunteers who brought things for the sale…to our wonderful volunteers…and to all the “shoppers” for their support!

Here are a few favorite photos…

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