Please Join Us for Lunch!

After our business meeting and program, Women’s Day Alliance members and guests move to Channing Hall to enjoy lunch and fellowship. 

Pot Luck Luncheons:  September, December, and May
Three times a year, we feature a pot luck where all our members and guests bring a dish to share and we get to taste what good cooks everyone is!  At these luncheons we invite the church staff to join us, which gives us opportunities to get to know each other better.  We send email reminders, and personally phone those who do not use email.  Everyone, please RSVP
if you’re coming, so that we will know how many people to expect so we can have enough tables and chairs set up.

Catered Luncheons:  October, November, January, February, March, and April
The rest of the time, we have our lunches catered.  There is a charge of $10.00.  The catered lunches definitely require an RSVP so we can notify the caterer of how many to prepare for.  We will email and call as a reminder the week before the meeting and will need a head count by the Friday before the Tuesday meeting.  Because we pay the caterer by the plate, if you RSVP but you are unable to attend at the last minute, you may be charged for your reserved lunch if we are not able to sell it to someone who had not reserved one.  (A note from WDA’s Treasurer:  If everyone can please bring a $10 bill or $5 bills rather than needing change, or write a check to Women’s Day Alliance, that will be very helpful.)

Luncheon Hostesses, and Table Decorations

A long tradition of the WDA luncheons is to have tablecloths and decorations as well as the normal cutlery, etc. on the table.  Prior to each new year, our Luncheon Committee Chairs sign up volunteers to set-up, decorate and clean up.  We really appreciate those who take on this task and we always are surprised by new and innovative table decor.

This year’s luncheon dates are:

September 5 – Pot Luck; Hostesses: Marla Beikman, Alice Johnson, Sara Miskimins, Sarah McGrath

October 3 – Catered; Hostesses: Marci Kizer, Jana Blackman, Verda Shine

November 7 – Catered; Hostesses: Linda Sikes, Liz Orr, Susan deCancio

December 5 – Pot Luck; Hostesses: Kathy Calhoun, Kathleen Campbell, Kathy Warner, Susan Grundy, Irene Ellis

January 2 – Catered; Hostesses: Alma Ayers, Marge Niemann, Barbara Powell, Vee Shine

February 6 – Catered; Hostesses: Lou Ann King, Holly Nichols, Sharon Clark

March 6 – Catered; Hostesses: Brenda Mahar, Linda Sikes, Sue Priest

April 3 – Catered; Hostesses: Linda Ray, Mickie Nunn, Ellen Tye

May 1 – Pot Luck; Hostesses: Gail Mackey, Elaine Villarreal, Rhonda Koetting, Gwen Lummus


Caterer Kay Agnew (left), with Susan Grundy


To join our email list for invitations to WDA meetings and luncheons, contact Gwen Lummus,


For any other questions about the Luncheons, please contact Martha Withers at

WDA sincerely appreciates 2017-2018 Luncheon Co-Chairs Barb Moody and Martha Withers for all their work!




WDA luncheon May 2014 DSCN8646.JPG

The May 2014 luncheon featured a “Happy 90+ Birthday” celebration for several long-time WDA members!